Help/FAQ - DAS Broker Portal
Help / Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us.

If your brokerage has never sold DAS products before, please complete the DAS Broker Registration form.

If your brokerage already registered and has a DAS broker code, then you can create an individual account here.

Important: Your supervisor may have already created an individual account for you. So please check your email inbox for an activation email. Also add to your contact list to reduce the chances of it being caught by spam filters.

FAQ’s for broker portal supervisors:
A supervisor is a user with additional privileges to add, approve and manage other DAS user accounts for their brokerage. A brokerage may choose to have multiple supervisors.

What should I do if:
Your account may have been deactivated by a Broker Portal supervisor user. Please contact them for more information.

FAQ’s for quoting & ongoing administration:
Certain quotations are referred so that we can obtain further information. The specific reasons are given at the point of referral.
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